Universal Runner

Leverage Existing Selenium Scripts while Accelerating with Subject7 Codeless

One of the barriers to organizations embracing Codeless Test Automation has been the challenge of managing legacy test cases written in other frameworks, most commonly Selenium. The notion of recreating thousands of scripts in a new testing solution is understandably daunting, despite the velocity benefits of codeless. With Universal Runner, Subject7 has mitigated that concern. Subject7 customers can run any existing Selenium tests using Universal Runner while simultaneously accelerating new test authoring with our Codeless UI.

    Subject7 Universal Runner
  • Connects to and executes your existing Selenium scripts.
  • Utilizes the Subject7 Unified Cloud for high-scale parallel execution.
  • Creates video capture and screenshots of failures and defects.
  • Works in tandem with Subject7 Codeless to provide unified execution and reporting, whether the test was authored in Selenium or Subject7.

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Universal Runner Intro Guide

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Introducing Universal Runner

Universal Runner enables organizations to run Selenium test cases (with or without Cucumber) using Subject7's cloud, delivering high-scale parallel execution while maintaining the value of your existing Selunium scripts on day one. With Subject7, there's no need to convert or import existing scripts; simply point them to Subject7's cloud and get detailed execution reports, including videos and screen shots. The best part, Universal Runner works concurrently with Subject7 Codeless, enabling your team to easily create new automated tests without writing a single line of code. Leverage your current scripts while boosting your testing velocity and coverage with Subject7 codeless automation.


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